Monday, May 28, 2012

Jim and Kay Ivins Mission Call

Jim and Kay Ivins are leaving Tuesday morning for their mission to the Adriatic No. Mission which includes Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia.  They spent the last week in the MTC in Provo Utah.  They are leaving behind a beautiful family to go serve their Heavenly Father.

I attended their Farewell yesterday and the water had to be blessed twice because of the number of friends and family combined with their ward members that were in attendance.

Everyone was invited to their home for a nice luncheon after Sacrament Meeting where they served about 250 people .  They had a variety of salads, beef, pork, rolls, chips, dips and wonderful desserts.

I just visited with Darwin, Jim's brother in law and he said, "friends were still dropping by their home at 9:00 last evening."

Jim Ivins is my first cousin and we all grew up together in Lund Nevada.  His mom and my mom were twins.

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  1. How neat for them! I will post this weekend about the Gardner home? Lov you!