Monday, May 28, 2012

Jim and Kay Ivins Mission Call

Jim and Kay Ivins are leaving Tuesday morning for their mission to the Adriatic No. Mission which includes Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia.  They spent the last week in the MTC in Provo Utah.  They are leaving behind a beautiful family to go serve their Heavenly Father.

I attended their Farewell yesterday and the water had to be blessed twice because of the number of friends and family combined with their ward members that were in attendance.

Everyone was invited to their home for a nice luncheon after Sacrament Meeting where they served about 250 people .  They had a variety of salads, beef, pork, rolls, chips, dips and wonderful desserts.

I just visited with Darwin, Jim's brother in law and he said, "friends were still dropping by their home at 9:00 last evening."

Jim Ivins is my first cousin and we all grew up together in Lund Nevada.  His mom and my mom were twins.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visitors to the Gardner Home

Colleen Scow and her daughter Lisa visited the Robert Gardner Home

I have waited all Spring for the poppies to bloom and what a surprise it was for me when I saw them yesterday.  They will only bloom for a few days so I must enjoy while I can. 

Another interesting bit of information is that Colleen's children's Great Grandfather, Lonnie Gardner was born in this Home on June 14 1862.  His Mother was Cynthia Lovina Berry, the second wife of Robert Gardner

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Robert Gardner Home on Mill Creek

The Charming Robert Gardner home and yards that is in need of some TLC.

I hope everyone will come by when they are in Salt Lake and enjoy the beauties this home has to offer.  It will get better and better as the weeds and overgrowth are cleared away.  Its something like life.  We have to continually stay focused on keeping Heavenly Father's commandments, attend our meetings and the Temple and serve one another so we can keep the weeds out of our lives.  Maybe down the road you could come by and pull a few weeds and help keep this yard looking beautiful.

Just one more picture of my Grandpa Gardner and my Father, Wayne Gardner

I love this picture.  My dad learned well from his father and I am sure my Grandfather learned from his dad, Robert Gardner.  They are plowing their garden plot.  I don't know whether the horse is Snip or Dick.  They knew how to work and they taught their children how to work.

July 24, 1916 in Lund, Nevada

Since the 24th of July will soon be here I wanted to share a picture of my Grandfather's float at the Lund Celebration in 1916

George C. Gardner is my Grandpa and he always furnished the wagon and team for the Sunday School Float in the Parade.  He was the teamster.  Also in the winter time when it would snow he, with his horse and scraper would make paths so the children could walk to school.   His horses names were Snip and Dick

This is another picture of Grandpa George Gardner with my mom and his Grandchildren.  They had just got out of quarantine  The parents were very ill with Scarlet Fever and my mom left her children at  home in Ely while she went to take care of Orvil and Tirza's family in McGill.  Grandpa died Dec. 12, 1942.  I was 5 years old.

Just a side note -  His father was Robert Gardner and he built the home over on Mill Creek in Salt Lake City in 1848

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh!! The Life of my Sunny

Sunny spends the day watching and waiting for a black and white cat to race across the road, and when this happens she reacts with many high shrill barks and runs around the house a couple of time.  The excitement is soon over and she returns to her red chair to wait once again for the cat to cross the road.  Oh the life of my Sunny

She also has learned to beg for PEOPLE FOOD  from her cousin Maggie.

My Orangeville Visitors

I sure enjoyed sharing the evening with Abby, Hannah and their mom last Friday evening.  We went to Five Guys for Hamburgers and after we went to the Yogurt Shop for our dessert.

They are wearing jewelry from the jewelry box which is their favorite thing to do when they come to Grandma Passey's home.

They also brought me eggs from the farm and some of my favorite Blueberry Syrup.This was girls night out since Dad and the boys went on a Father's and Son's outing.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Talented Idaho Grandchildren

Grandma Passey is entitled to bragging rights on her own blog

Jarom Morris is about to hit a baseball.  He is such a fine young man who excels in everything he does.  I remember attending some of his games a few years ago and he was a terrific Catcher and 1st baseman.  Every year he just gets better and better.

Carter Morris is in the center playing the Trumpet.  Carter is very obedient and is always willing to go the extra mile.  Any task you give him you know it will be done well.  I am looking forward to attending one of his concerts.

Leeah Morris and her friend are performing a clogging routine.  Leeah is such a happy girl and loves to spend time with her cousins.  She also loves the babies and little ones.  She is always willing to help out when asked.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Thanks so much for all of your phone calls, cards and flowers on Mother's Day.  I also received a special book of pictures of my children when they were babies and in their younger years.

I love you all and hope and pray that your day was Special.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just one more Picture of Aria

This is a better picture of Aria.  She is such a loving child and it was so fun for me to spend some time with her.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful Children, Grandchildren and Gr.Grandchildren. 

Graduation Day in Logan

It was a special day spending the day in Logan with Brigham and his two little children.  Brigham graduated from Utah State in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering. 

Aria and Michael joined the family for Pizza at FireHouse Pizzaria after the Graduation ceremony.  Michael is three and Aria is one years of age. 

Their cousin Desi also joined us for Pizza.  This was such a fun day for me to spend time with my Gr. Grandchildren.
Faith's husband, Mike Tracy also spent the day with us.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enjoying Dinner in Midway

Grandma Passey and Seth are enjoying Kimbra's birthday dinner at their Grandpa Robinson's condo in Midway.  It was a fun day visiting and sharing experiences with family and friends.

Seth will finish up the school year in Amarillo Texas and will then be moving with his family to Arizona.  He is 16 and will enroll in high school in Arizona.  He is the happiest when he is throwing or bouncing a ball.