Friday, October 12, 2012

A visit to Mitch and Tiffany Spence's home

This home originally belonged to Heber C. Kimball and it is located in Bountiful.  The rafters in the ceiling are the original and the door casings are original. They removed the lath and stucco from of the walls which resulted in this beautiful  brick.  The original home is in the center and new additions surround it.  IT IS AMAZING.
The finished door casing! Remember the old windows and doors we had when we lived in Granite and Orangeville!  These are just beautiful!
This is another angle.  This home is truly a work of Art!  This young man, Mitch has done an awesome job.  He is married to my cousin Jim Ivin's daughter Tiffany.
This home has lots of charm and a wonderful family live in it.

Finished a quilt last weekend

Sherilyn is teaching me how to make rag quilts.  They are fun to make and OH SO SOFT!
This quilt is probably for a little girl.  All you need to do to win this quilt is to be the first to have a baby girl!

Weekend trip to Cedaredge to visit the Mortensens

Mark and Sherilyn are enjoying their new home in the mountains of Colorado. (Not to Shabby)
Over the weekend Jorden, Bennett, Laura and I drove to Colorado to spend time with Mark and Sherilyn.  We enjoyed conference together and went in to town to an event called Apple Fest.  I can truly say that I have never tasted better apples in my life.  The Honey Crisp apple is something to die for.  Sherilyn also kept busy cooking her kids favorite food.
Sherilyn has been busy unpacking boxes and also is managing to get some sewing done.  Mark is busy working and building shelves.  They will make a difference wherever they go.  The ward will keep them very busy.
Sherilyn hangs out here when she is unpacking boxes.  This area is an apartment attached to the home.  What a perfect place for Sherilyn to work on her creativity.  Its also a nice place for Grandma Passey to hang out when she comes to visit.
We had a wonderful time.  It was fun for me to spend some time with all of the Mortensens.  We arrived in Provo at about 10:30 Sunday evening and then I drove to Salt Lake from there.  Sunny was a little sick coming home so her ride was not the best.