Sunday, May 20, 2012

Robert Gardner Home on Mill Creek

The Charming Robert Gardner home and yards that is in need of some TLC.

I hope everyone will come by when they are in Salt Lake and enjoy the beauties this home has to offer.  It will get better and better as the weeds and overgrowth are cleared away.  Its something like life.  We have to continually stay focused on keeping Heavenly Father's commandments, attend our meetings and the Temple and serve one another so we can keep the weeds out of our lives.  Maybe down the road you could come by and pull a few weeds and help keep this yard looking beautiful.

Just one more picture of my Grandpa Gardner and my Father, Wayne Gardner

I love this picture.  My dad learned well from his father and I am sure my Grandfather learned from his dad, Robert Gardner.  They are plowing their garden plot.  I don't know whether the horse is Snip or Dick.  They knew how to work and they taught their children how to work.

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