Sunday, June 3, 2012

Visitors at the Robert Gardner Home

Last Friday, May 25 Colleen's family,  Beverly and Darwin met me at the Gardner home where they toured the home and the grounds.

Beverly, Darwin, Lisa, Colleen, Tammy, Gene, Colleen and Jay
Tammy had broken her arm only a month ago but she was doing much better.
They enjoyed their visit and after Colleen Scow treated us all to a Mexican Dinner.

This building is made out of Adobe brick and there is moss growing on the roof.  I assume the conditions are just right with the humidity from Mill Creek and lots of shade from all the trees close by and maybe the shingles are contributing to it.  The moss is brown but when you put water on it the moss turns green.  I am not sure what this building was used for originally. When Al purchased the home it was filled with STUFF and an old red truck.

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