Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Reunion at Castle Valley Outdoors in Emery County

I will give you a glimpse of the fun that we had at our Reunion July 5,6, and 7 2012

We all participated in swimming, floating, golfing, shooting the guns, hiking, 4-wheeling, talent shows, eating and just hanging out.

Brittany, Brooke, Jenny, Toby, Helen and Sherilyn enjoying a lazy afternoon.

Rachel, Jenny, Sherilyn, Jeana, Zazz, and Lowell looking at the Indian Pictographs.

Lowell is our teacher


Jacob is our little rock climber

Toby, Trayton and Abby  ( Great Pals )

Jenny, Helen, Rachel, and Faith are out for their early morning hike.

Charlotte, Jenny, Jeana and Sherilyn are ready to go for a ride.

Helen, Jenny, Lowell and Sherilyn sharing their wonderful singing talents.

Rachel, Leanna and Seth sharing their talents

We had a great time being all together and reconnectioin with cousins, aunts and uncles and with Grandma Passey.   I hope you got a glimpse of the fun we had.

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  1. Sure enjoyed your new blog posts. Thanks for documenting some great memories! :)